A Divorce Lawyer in Tulsa, Okla Assists in a Case of Accidental Bigamy

Bigamy is illegal in Oklahoma, as it is in all the states. On occasion, a person discovers he or she has committed this offense unintentionally. A divorce never actually was finalized, and now the person is remarried. A Divorce lawyer in Tulsa Okla can assist during this odd turn of events.

How It Happens

Typically, this situation occurs in a do-it-yourself divorce. One spouse signs the divorce papers and trusts the other spouse to file them with the court. That spouse never does so. This is a primary reason why having professional legal counsel is important during a divorce. There is no chance the marriage will continue unbeknownst to one of the spouses.

Ending the First Marriage

Although bigamy is illegal, the government is extremely unlikely to file charges in these circumstances. The person who has since remarried needs a divorce attorney to take the steps that will finalize the end of the first marriage. A reasonable attempt to find the other spouse is necessary unless his or her whereabouts are known. The usual legal strategy is to post notices in newspapers notifying the individual of the spouse’s intent to divorce.

The only time the situation becomes more complicated is if that person decides to fight the divorce and hires an attorney. This will not stop the marriage termination process but will cause a delay.

About the Second Marriage

Since the first marriage was still legally in effect, the second marriage is invalid. After the first one is ended with the help of a Divorce of Tulsa Law Office, the couple will need to marry again for their partnership to be recognized under the law. They can simply do this at a courthouse if they prefer. This also might be an ideal time for a renewal of vows ceremony.

A person who discovers that he or she is still married to the first spouse while being married to a second likely feels embarrassed and foolish. The finalization of the divorce should have been verified instead of ignored. Eventually, the couple may be able to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.