A Look At A Successful Real Estate Developer

Kheng Ly is a Chinese immigrant that became a great success in real estate and development. Born in Cambodia, he and his family endured four years of very difficult times during their civil war. Fortunately, they were able to become refugees in Vietnam. There, they lived in the refugee camps for a few years before they were able to legally enter Canada. Below is a little bit more about his life and how he became such a success in real estate and development.

Various Jobs Before He Entered Real Estate

As a young boy, Ly worked various jobs in a textile factory to help support his family. He worked seven days a week between 14 to 16 hours each day. He did this for a while before he became the youngest owner of his own textile company. However, Ly noticed the shift in the textiles and garment field. Because of this, he decided to leave textiles and enter the field of real estate development. There, he built many successful projects that gained him recognition and credibility among his peers. One of the most successful projects is the YUL condominiums located in downtown Montreal. Below is a little bit more information regarding the project.

A 38 Story Residential Condominium

The YUL condominium project is made up of two towers that hover over the downtown area of Montreal. Both towers are 38 stories and provide people with luxurious condos in the heart of Montreal. The towers are known for their very unique structural design by the first Chinese immigrant in the history of Quebec. This is by far the largest residential real estate project in the downtown area. YUL condominiums is only one of the many successful projects on his list of greatest achievements.

His hard work and resilience have definitely paid off. Though he is very successful, he does not forget his very humble upbringing. Because of this, he donates very generously to many different charities, foundations, and victims of natural disasters in China and Cambodia. Mr. Ly’s hard work, perseverance, and his vision have served him well in the real estate development and investment field.