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How to Collect and Improve Online Reviews

Internet-savvy business owners already know that online reviews play an essential role in driving traffic to their sites and converting casual browsers into loyal brand enthusiasts. Recognizing the importance of establishing a solid base of positive reviews is just one small step toward success, though. Wondering, how do i get business reviews? Read on to find out how to get started.

Claim the Business

The only way for business owners to take full advantage of their customer reviews is to claim their businesses on sites like Yelp, Google+, and others. After claiming the business, make sure all of the information is accurate, including its phone number, physical address, and website address.

Make it Easy

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews. One of the simplest ways to encourage more customers to review a business is to purchase review management software. The software automates everything from customer screening to sending emails that direct satisfied customers to appropriate review sites.

Respond to Reviews

Customers want to feel appreciated and acknowledged. It only takes a few minutes to read through reviews and respond to both positive and negative responses from customers. Thank those who left positive reviews for their business and ask those who left negative reviews what the company could do to resolve the situation.

Resolve Problems

If a customer leaves a negative review, it’s always better to respond to it than to do nothing. It may cost a little money to issue a refund or replace a product that didn’t meet expectations, but doing so is essential to keeping existing customers happy and showing potential customers what kind of service they can expect.

Make Use of Good Reviews

Include a few of the best customer reviews on the company’s website, create case studies, or get in touch with exceptionally loyal customers to create spotlight videos. Putting a little bit of effort into highlighting positive reviews online will both make it easier for potential customers to find them and ensure that those who already patronize the business feel valued.

The Bottom Line

Online reviews are the perfect tool for generating buzz around a company and its products or services. Follow the simple tips above to get started or work with a review management company for additional help.

Project Mangement Certification Can Result in Higher Pay

Project management is a skill many people develop over time. Some acquire these skills through their work on various projects. Employers may not require people who have been promoted to the position of project manager to have any formal education or certification, but it can definitely pay to pursue those avenues.


People who are interested in pursuing project management as a career can benefit from learning the guidelines outlined in the handbook. Every employer and work team may have their own variations of the established guidelines, but those who understand the formal way to do project management are going to be more valuable to any organization.

Project management courses are part of most business degree programs but can be taken separately in most colleges and universities. The concepts are complex, so it’s important for those who are studying to be a project manager to be able to dedicate time to learning the terminology and process. The more focused a person is on their education, the more employable they will be when they have completed it.


Businesses today place a high value on the Project Management Professional certification. People who put in the work to earn this certification get paid 23% more than those who do the job without it. Although there are some requirements, taking the time to study for the exam will pay off in the end. Everyone isn’t eligible for the PMP certification. In fact, only those who have worked in the role of a project manager for three years and completed a project management course are eligible to sit for the exam.

People who have taken the exam without studying, even if they meet the requirements, tend to struggle with the test. However, a Project Mangement Certification exam prep course can be very helpful. Because employees tend to follow the norms their company uses, they sometimes forget the parts of the process they’ve been leaving out. An exam prep course should help them recall those processes so they can earn the certification and either get a raise from their current employer or take their talents to a company that will recognize their skills with a higher salary.

Choose an Experienced Attorney to Handle Personal Injury Claims

People are injured every day to the point where they need to be compensated. Some of these injuries occur during accidents. Others are due to assaults. Still, other people are injured in accidents that occur in other people’s homes. Many times, the responsible party’s insurance policy compensates the victim. Unfortunately, these payments don’t always get approved in a timely manner, causing the need to hire an attorney.


Most personal injury cases in the United States are settled out of court. Only approximately 5% of injury cases are resolved in the legal system. Injured people typically search for local law firms when they don’t get an offer from the insurance company right away or if the offer they receive is not sufficient to cover their losses. By hiring an attorney, an injured person may get a strong advocate for their rights who has the skill to negotiate a settlement that is appropriate for the injuries they sustained.


Few personal injury cases are heard by courts but when they are, it’s important for the injured person to have an attorney with litigation experience. The court process could be long but going through it might result in much higher compensation for the victim. Before filing a lawsuit, an attorney is likely to make several attempts to negotiate a settlement. An attorney might help an accident victim determine if going to trial is worth the time and expense.

Whether an accident victim settles with the insurance company or takes their case to trial, it is often beneficial to work with an attorney. Accident victims tend to have a lot on their minds following an injury. They often need ongoing medical treatment and may have to take time off of work. These expenses may be recovered through the claims process but without an experienced attorney to help them negotiate a settlement, the process could be frustrating.

Every injury case won’t go to court and in most cases, court isn’t necessary to come to a reasonable settlement. Starting with an attorney who is prepared to go to court might help an injury victim save time in the future if litigation becomes necessary.