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A Divorce Lawyer in Tulsa, Okla Assists in a Case of Accidental Bigamy

Bigamy is illegal in Oklahoma, as it is in all the states. On occasion, a person discovers he or she has committed this offense unintentionally. A divorce never actually was finalized, and now the person is remarried. A Divorce lawyer in Tulsa Okla can assist during this odd turn of events.

How It Happens

Typically, this situation occurs in a do-it-yourself divorce. One spouse signs the divorce papers and trusts the other spouse to file them with the court. That spouse never does so. This is a primary reason why having professional legal counsel is important during a divorce. There is no chance the marriage will continue unbeknownst to one of the spouses.

Ending the First Marriage

Although bigamy is illegal, the government is extremely unlikely to file charges in these circumstances. The person who has since remarried needs a divorce attorney to take the steps that will finalize the end of the first marriage. A reasonable attempt to find the other spouse is necessary unless his or her whereabouts are known. The usual legal strategy is to post notices in newspapers notifying the individual of the spouse’s intent to divorce.

The only time the situation becomes more complicated is if that person decides to fight the divorce and hires an attorney. This will not stop the marriage termination process but will cause a delay.

About the Second Marriage

Since the first marriage was still legally in effect, the second marriage is invalid. After the first one is ended with the help of a Divorce of Tulsa Law Office, the couple will need to marry again for their partnership to be recognized under the law. They can simply do this at a courthouse if they prefer. This also might be an ideal time for a renewal of vows ceremony.

A person who discovers that he or she is still married to the first spouse while being married to a second likely feels embarrassed and foolish. The finalization of the divorce should have been verified instead of ignored. Eventually, the couple may be able to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

What Does A Contract Attorney Do?

In Illinois, contracts are necessary for all businesses and protect the interests of all parties involved. Business owners create contracts when starting a partnership or creating a new business venture. A local attorney provides assistance for creating contracts and guiding business owners through the process.

Drafting Settlement Agreements

The attorneys draft settlement agreements that provide an adequate amount to settle a lawsuit. The agreements outline how much money the plaintiff receives if they accept the offer. It also stipulates any terms that apply to the agreements. For example, some settlements include a gag order to prevent the individual from releasing information to the press.

Conducting Research for Cases

The lawyers conduct research for a variety of cases pertaining to contracts and related issues. They work closely with law firms who want to try to mitigate the full risk of an impending lawsuit. The research helps the clients avoid serious financial losses when a lawsuit goes to trial. They offer fast and thorough research services for law firms and their partners.

Preparing Annual Reports of Contracted Services for Businesses

The attorneys manage annual reports for businesses and present details about contracted services used throughout the year. The reports are necessary for corporations who must report certain spending to their shareholders. The information shows the shareholders how the company is using their resources to improve the success of the company and increase the value of their stocks.

Create Manuals and Contracts for Employee Policies

The legal representatives create manuals and contracts for employment policies and regulations. All employees sign the contracts when they are hired. The terms of the contracts define the conditions of employment and conditions that lead to termination. The contracts are legally binding, and employees must abide by the terms to secure their job.

In Illinois, businesses use contracts in a variety of ways throughout their corporations. The contracts prevent a partner from taking advantage of the company or causing a financial loss. The documents also help companies avoid high payouts in a lawsuit. Policies and reports for shareholders are also created by the attorneys. Business owners who want more information contact a contract attorney and schedule an appointment right now.

Discussing Domestic Violence With Destin Lawyers

In Florida, domestic violence classifications apply to threats and physical harm involving family members. The victims or aggressor could be any parties that are related, married, former romantic partners, or who lived together at any time. Destin lawyers explain domestic violence charges and how a conviction affects related cases.

Documenting the Attack

The victim is advised to contact law enforcement as quickly as possible after their attack. It is advised that the victim start a paper trail of any attacks and their injuries. Pressing charges against the aggressor is vital and helps the victim get the protection they need.

Obtaining a Protection Order

A protection order prohibits the aggressor from visiting or contacting the victim. The order applies to the victim’s home, work, and any places the victim goes frequently. The aggressor cannot contact the victim via phone, text, or email. Any violation of the protection order leads to new criminal charges.

How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Divorce Case?

First, a spouse who is endangered could get the protection order extended for up to another year to prevent further injuries. If the child was attacked, the court might offer sole custody to the non-violent parent. The aggressor will get supervised visitation. However, in the most severe of cases, the aggressor could lose all parental rights to the child. The aggressor must be convicted of domestic violence for the criminal court case to have an impact on the divorce case.

What are the Penalties for Domestic Violence?

The most basic penalties for domestic violence are up to two years in jail and a fine of $2,500. However, the judge adjusts the penalties according to the age of the victim and the severity of their injuries. If there were several attacks, the aggressor could face more substantial penalties and jail time.

In Florida, domestic violence is a heinous crime that involves family members and former romantic partners. The offenses make victims feel unsafe in their own home and could lead to major changes in divorce cases. If convicted, the aggressor could face jail time and hefty penalties. Defendants who are facing domestic violence charges contact an attorney and schedule a consultation right now.