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Legal Representation Helps Accident Victims Prevail in Cases Where DWI Was Involved

Driving while intoxicated, or DWI, is one of the most dangerous things anybody can do. Drivers whose senses and abilities are impaired by substances like alcohol or illegal drugs kill many thousands nationwide each year and leave far more victims profoundly injured.

Because so many accidents involving impaired drivers are so serious, getting in touch with a lawyer soon thereafter will often be important and prudent. A DWI Accident Lawyer will be able to help such that the most satisfactory possible resolution can be achieved.

Even a Driver Who Was Not Convicted of DWI Can Still be Found Responsible

Some accident victims watch with dismay as drivers who caused injurious accidents end up not being convicted of DWI. The standard in criminal cases such that guilt must be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt” can easily lead to these disheartening kinds of results.

Fortunately, civil actions only need to clear a significantly lower bar in order to prove successful. Simply convincing a judge or jury that a the “preponderance of evidence” points to a driver having been intoxicated will often be enough to secure a judgment against that party.

This fact is one that is not always obvious even to those who were injured most seriously in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. In some cases, that leads such individuals to accept less compensation than is actually owed to them, thanks to the ruthless tactics of insurers.

A lawyer who is able to keep fighting for such a client can end up producing a far larger settlement or verdict. Even when a driver has been cleared of DWI accusations in a criminal case, things can still turn out very different on the civil side if a dedicated attorney is in charge.

An Important Decision in Many Cases

For this reason and a number of others, it will often be wise to contact an attorney after being injured in an accident. Where any possibility exists that the other driver was intoxicated or impaired, having access to the representation and counsel of an lawyer can make an enormous difference. Given that it often takes only a single, free phone call to have a case assessed, there will rarely be a reason to hold back.