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3 Tips for Designing Home Lighting

It is easy to forget about the lights in a home unless some areas are very dim or extremely bright. In f act, home Lighting choices can make a big difference in both interior and exterior spaces. The lamps and fixtures in rooms change the mood and make a statement. Outdoor lights are often security features. Decorating professionals recommend that clients make a plan that creates the best light for each area in their homes.

Use Multiple Light Sources in Each Room

A single lamp or overhead fixture rarely creates a warm, welcoming space. Without enough light, rooms develop dark areas that are not only gloomy, but useless. Decorators often solve the problem by using a variety of light sources for each area. For example, a kitchen might have under-cabinet illumination, one or more ceiling fixtures, and small task lights in specific areas. A living room could include a range of table and floor lamps, while bathrooms often have mirror and overhead fixtures. They key is to eliminate dark spaces while avoiding glare.

Consider Recessed Fixtures for a Sleek Effect

Many newer homes are now built with high ceilings that look very good with recessed illumination. The effect is created by installing “cans” or recessed light fixtures that are placed in the ceiling. Bulbs are inserted into them. The edges of cans are flush with the ceiling, providing a smooth, neat appearance. Fixtures can be canted in any direction and used to create a mood or highlight certain areas. They are ideal for homeowners who want a modern look. Recessed lights blend beautifully with a minimalist decorating style.

Add Exterior Lights for Safety and Security

Keeping the outside of a home well lit is an important part of an overall decorating plan. Exterior pool, sidewalk, and safety lights add security and beauty. Elegant coach lamps or even a single, well-placed fixture can add interest and safety to entryways. It is important to consider brightness when designing an outdoor plan, since too many lights may disturb neighbors.

The way a home is lighted makes all the difference in style and function. It is important to choose a variety of lamps and fixtures that eliminate gloomy areas without creating uncomfortable glare. Exterior illumination is also important because it can increase home beauty and safety.

There Are Chinese and Canadian Cooperative Construction Projects

Why would a country welcome foreign investment in its construction industry? There are many reasons including the financial investment, improvement to municipalities from the projects, and the benefits to all of the people living in the city, including Chinese immigrants and other immigrants. A large thriving city needs financial investments on a large scale to keep growing and improving its citizens’ life experiences. The capital is not always available from only local businesses.

Foreign Investment For More Housing

By carefully choosing and regulating projects financed and managed by companies from other countries, Canada gains valuable housing units and a better relationship with the country providing part of the financing. In this case, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, and the real estate developers Brivia Management and Gansu Tianquing Real Estate Group are working together to build the huge housing development canned the YUL project.

What Is The Yul Project?

The YUL project is an award-winning housing project in downtown Montreal. This residential housing development is made up of two 38-story towers and 17 top-end townhouses. the towers will contain more than 800 condos. The design style is modern avant-garde architecture at its best. It is designed to complement the Montreal downtown existing architecture and skyline. This is one of the biggest residential building projects being constructed at this time and is going up in two phases.

What is Brivia Management?

This is a management and development construction and investment company founded in 2002 in Montreal by Khen Ly, a business entrepreneur of Chinese descent who has lived and done business in Canada for many years. This company partners with other construction and real estate developers from China and Canada to build large construction projects for residential housing and commercial development. For the YUL project, they are working with the Gansu Tianquing Real Estate Group with investment from the People’s Republic of China.

This project signals the possibility of increased Canada-China cooperation in business development and investment. This real estate management, investment, and development company is involved in other Canadian projects. To check out some of the other construction projects in Canada go to Kheng Ly’s Facebook page

The Many Advantages of Living in a Thriving Urban Center

Two friends get together after they haven’t seen each other in a few years. One has moved to a rural home near a small town, while the other plans to move to a luxury condo in urban Montreal. They don’t understand each other’s choices, but they find the debate about the best residential setting to be interesting. The urban dweller explains the advantages of living near downtown in a condo connected with Kheng Ly of Brivia.

Socializing and Networking

This setting provides nearly unlimited opportunities for making friends, socializing, and networking. This can be particularly appealing to single individuals and couples without children. Urban areas often are more diverse than suburbs and small towns, which is a benefit for people who enjoy meeting people from different cultures and lifestyles. They can join social groups and meet regularly at pubs or coffee shops.

Opportunities During Leisure Time

The sheer number of opportunities available during leisure time is very welcome to men and women who enjoy learning and experiencing new things. They are within easy walking distance or a quick trip on public transportation to a myriad of activities. Some of those include art galleries, museums, and restaurants focusing on cuisine from specific world regions. They might attend evening workshops or work on a college degree or new credentials. A fitness center may be just a bike ride away.

What About Noise?

Some individuals are a little hesitant to make the move because they worry about the bustle and the noise. Won’t they be able to hear all the traffic moving through the city streets throughout the night and horns honking here and there? What about weekends when people are out partying, walking from place to place while laughing loudly, and singing or shouting?

One of the first features mentioned about a luxury condominium community like YUL is the high-quality soundproofing. The building designers know how crucial this is for the residents’ satisfaction with their homes. The condos won’t be purchased readily if buyers aren’t assured they can enjoy peace and quiet when they come home to their sanctuary after a busy day at work and other activities.