Choose an Experienced Attorney to Handle Personal Injury Claims

People are injured every day to the point where they need to be compensated. Some of these injuries occur during accidents. Others are due to assaults. Still, other people are injured in accidents that occur in other people’s homes. Many times, the responsible party’s insurance policy compensates the victim. Unfortunately, these payments don’t always get approved in a timely manner, causing the need to hire an attorney.


Most personal injury cases in the United States are settled out of court. Only approximately 5% of injury cases are resolved in the legal system. Injured people typically search for local law firms when they don’t get an offer from the insurance company right away or if the offer they receive is not sufficient to cover their losses. By hiring an attorney, an injured person may get a strong advocate for their rights who has the skill to negotiate a settlement that is appropriate for the injuries they sustained.


Few personal injury cases are heard by courts but when they are, it’s important for the injured person to have an attorney with litigation experience. The court process could be long but going through it might result in much higher compensation for the victim. Before filing a lawsuit, an attorney is likely to make several attempts to negotiate a settlement. An attorney might help an accident victim determine if going to trial is worth the time and expense.

Whether an accident victim settles with the insurance company or takes their case to trial, it is often beneficial to work with an attorney. Accident victims tend to have a lot on their minds following an injury. They often need ongoing medical treatment and may have to take time off of work. These expenses may be recovered through the claims process but without an experienced attorney to help them negotiate a settlement, the process could be frustrating.

Every injury case won’t go to court and in most cases, court isn’t necessary to come to a reasonable settlement. Starting with an attorney who is prepared to go to court might help an injury victim save time in the future if litigation becomes necessary.