Details about Distracted Driving Anyone Should Know

Driving while distracted is a dangerous activity to do, and it puts not only oneself and the other people in the vehicle at risk, but other drivers on the road as well. There are varying laws set in place in different counties and states to prohibit drivers from being on their phones and promote a safer road for all those on it. Laws may differ depending on the area, but the consequences are roughly the same. It’s an easy task to avoid one’s phone while driving, but for those possible useful instances, it’s best to know the legislation around it.

Knowing The Differences in the Law

In most states, texting as a whole is illegal for all drivers, but the hand-held and hands-free rules differ in many areas. States like Connecticut, California, and Arkansas do not allow novice drivers or drivers under the age of eighteen to use Bluetooth devices or have any cellular devices in hand while on the road. Connecticut is the perfect example of a state that has largely cracked down on distracted driving. By implementing a general anti-distracted driving law, it holds drivers responsible for any risky action committed in the vehicle that could interfere with road operations.

The Bluetooth Option

There are Bluetooth systems in many vehicles made after 2010, and applicable systems that could be placed in the vehicle upon owner request. By connecting a cell phone to the vehicular Bluetooth system, one is able to access the GPS. This method is safer to use than holding the phone or clipping it to the dash of the car. It’s also a legal way to use the phone while driving as the driver’s eyes are still on the road undistracted.

In the Event of An Accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen often despite the laws set in place for road safety and are usually a stressful endeavor. However, in the case of personal injury, liability determinations, and property destruction, one may feel it necessary to hire a Car Accident Lawyer. Attorneys are experienced in helping attain compensation for any medical bills, car repairs, and any absent wages. Getting in contact with a lawyer should be done as quickly as possible in the event of any reckless driving incident, as to avoid expensive mistakes and aid in a swift recovery.