Gaining a Competitive Marketing Edge With Business Card Printing Services

Business Card Printing Services help their customers use this piece of paper as an effective marketing strategy. With the steep level of competition among many businesses, including competition from online companies, local organizations need savvy marketing tools to remain profitable and attract new customers.

The Card as Coupon

One useful strategy is to turn the card into a coupon. Restaurants might keep a stack of business cards at the hosting station or have the wait staff include a few cards with the invoice. The cards encourage patrons to give these coupons to friends and family if they would like. The discounts do not have to be large to entice customers to come in. The card might offer a dollar amount off one or two meals, or a complimentary glass of beer, house wine, or a soft drink with unlimited refills.

Graphic Design Service

Graphic design provided by Business Card Printing Services helps clients achieve an unconventional look for the products if this is what they want. A rainbow of colors or intriguing imagery makes the card catch attention. For a dining establishment, the text might be on an image of the actual restaurant.

When people like the aesthetic look of the piece, they are more likely to stick it on the refrigerator with a magnet or at least keep it in the wallet. So many business cards are relatively plain in their design and do not stand out in a crowd.

Finishes and Thickness

Cards from a supplier such as Catdi Inc. can be glossy or have a matte finish in contrast to the standard card. Products can be crafted in thicker cardstock, which also makes them more noticeable.

Quotes and Humor

Business cards to be distributed by an organization do not all have to be the same. The cards might include a series of relevant quotes, one per card, with attribution if that should be done. They could show a mild sense of humor if this is appropriate for the organization and will not offend the clientele. Most people will understand and appreciate a comment like, “We have the best Chinese food in town! That’s not fake news!”