N Texas Car Show Spotlight

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Stroker’s Dallas is gearing up for a customer Appreciation party starting at Noon with free hot dogs and nickle beers until the supply runs out. They will also have live music and green Jell-O shots all day.

Two sets of washers and dryers are available for guest use. Washers were small but adequate, at .00 each per load. They also have a vending machine if you need to purchase soap.

Its interesting to watch him work his magic out of one of his studio choices in traveling man – frequently he uses The Red Carpet a plush environment with inventive technology located in the arts gallery district near Downtown Dallas.

The Meyerson Symphony Center, The Dallas Children’s Theater, Nasher Sculpture Center, and the venue with multiple art complexes called the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts are just some of the places made in reverence to art. One of the reason people take flights to Dallas is also the music scene. This place was home to some of the most historical musicians like Leadbelly, Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson who played in the original clubs in the Deep Ellum area. Even today, there are many artists who life here in Deep Ellum in lofts and there is a huge number of studios, bars, pubs and concert venues. All this and so much more can be experienced through instant cheap flights to Dallas.

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