Options For Bed Bug Heat Treatment

In Illinois, bed bugs are annoying insects that feed on the blood of humans while they sleep. The most common places where the bugs are found are mattresses and bedding. It is easier for the insects to hide in the locations and go undetected. Hiring an extermination team helps homeowners choose which heat treatment is best suited for their home.

Steam Treatments to Kill Off Bugs

Steam is applied to all areas in which bed bugs were found. Exterminators use steam to treat mattresses, box springs, and flooring. Steam reaches an appropriate temperature to kill off eggs and larvae. It can also kill existing adult bed bugs quickly, too.

Using Dryers to Eliminate Bugs

All bedding and clothing are placed in the dryer to kill off bed bugs, as well. The property owner must place their dryer at the highest temperature setting when drying the clothing. It is also beneficial to add Borax to their laundry detergent when washing the bedding and clothing. The owner should also wash the clothing in hot water.

What is a Hot Box?

A hot box requires a professional extermination team to create. The exterminator can set up a standalone hot box to treat certain areas of the property. If the entire property is infested, the extermination team can use the heating system to create a hot box. The room temperature must reach at least 117 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterminators engage the heating system after pesticides are applied to all infested areas.

Preventing Additional Infestations

Exterminators recommend that all beds and furnishings remain wrapped in plastic for at least a month after the treatment. The homeowner must manage dust accumulation more proactively, too. Any discovery of new bed bugs should be reported to the extermination team. The exterminators will return to the home to assess all affected areas.

In Illinois, bed bugs infest baseboards, mattresses, box springs, and hidden spaces. The insects stay close by their food sources in most instances. Heat is an effective way to treat the infestations and kill off eggs and larvae. Property owners who want to learn more about bed bug heat treatment contact a service provider now.