Remember to Include Diesel Engine Maintenance During Fleet Management

Maintaining a fleet of trucks means making sure each vehicle is reliable and efficient. Safety always had to come first when a company relies on trucks to conduct business. Find out why it is crucial to remember to include diesel engine maintenance during fleet management.

What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

To get started, it is imperative to understand more about diesel exhaust fluid. This aqueous urea solution is made with one part urea and two parts of deionized water. The usual manner of referring to this solution is AUS 32 in ISO 22241.

How Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid Used?

While the solution might sound simple, it serves a significant purpose. DEF is consumed in a specific type of selective catalytic reduction. As a result, the use of the solution reduces nitrogen oxide concentration in diesel exhaust emissions that come from operating diesel engines.

Storing DEF

While the solution is non-toxic and safe to handle, it can corrode specific metals. Proper storage and transportation are essential for people using DEF in their trucks. Typically, the solution is stored on the vehicle in a tank.

Using DEF

The DEF in the truck’s storage tank is injected into the exhaust through the use of a metering system. A low dosing rate is used to ensure the tank is small and keeps the fluid flowing. The addition of fluid into the system is adjusted by an electronic control unit, based on factors such as speed and the engine temperature.

DEF in the Winter Chill

When the temperature plummets, DEF freezes and might not be able to flow into the exhaust cleaning system. As a result, the DEF must b thawed in minutes to ensure full DEF coolant flow per the EPA emissions requirements. Methods to thaw DEF include the heat from the engine and an electrical heater in the DEF tank.

Managing a fleet of trucks means paying attention to essential details such as coolant fluid to keep them operating smoothly. Make a master checklist of maintenance concerns that must be addressed daily to ensure every truck in the fleet is ready for business when needed.