The Founder of Five Channels Has Some Advice for Facebook Advertisers

Advertising on Facebook has become the default option for many companies that are interested in reaching out to more consumers. Facebook’s powerful targeting features and vast user base make it the perfect option for many businesses that are looking to advertise.

Simply placing ads on Facebook is never a guarantee of success, however. In fact, many newcomers end up wasting a lot of money before finally figuring out what works. A recent post from the founder of the Five Channels marketing agency contains some advice that many would do well to take to heart.

Constantly Improving and Working Toward Perfection

Most businesses that are led by ambitious people today emphasize the need to always keep improving. Continuous improvement is a generally laudable goal that helps ward off complacency, laziness, and other killers of growth.

Even a successful Facebook advertising campaign should be viewed through the same lens, with everything learned being used to make it even more worthwhile. Fortunately, Facebook offers quite a few tools for doing so, the use of any of which could potentially make a huge difference.

The article mentioned above goes into detail regarding how Facebook advertisers can ensure that their own campaigns never succumb to inertia. Generally speaking, the author advises that campaign managers should keep focusing on issues like the following:

  • Sharing. The true power of Facebook and other social media sites becomes clearest when a piece of content gets shared with others. Advertisers rarely even aim to have their own creations shared, though, perhaps believing that goal will be out of reach. In fact, an interesting- or striking-enough ad destination can easily be shared just as often as any other type of content.
  • Freshness. Ads generally have shorter lifetimes than many realize, and overlooking that fact can be costly. Even a Facebook ad that performed well for a long time will eventually reach a point where it needs to be retired in favor of a newer, fresher successor.

A Virtual Guarantee of Improved Results

When ads perform well in these respects, they tend to be among the most successful of all on Facebook. While it will take more than some shares and a fresh take to make an ad program worthwhile, such achievements will always make for a strong start.