The Upcoming PMP Exam Includes a New Emphasis on People and Environmental Influences

Taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is a rite of passage for many in one of today’s hottest career fields. Obtaining a PMP certificate will always open doors for project managers who are eager to take the next professional step.

With the PMP test slated to change in fundamental ways not long from now, new types of preparation will be required. Some of the most highly regarded Online PMP Exam Prep specialists are ready to help future test-takers get started.

A New Direction for the PMP Exam

The current version of the official PMP exam is structured in what many regard as a particularly intuitive way. With the stages of the project management process having been defined and detailed so rigorously, today’s PMP test follows the same outline.

Even project managers who have never consciously prepared for the test will often have absorbed this perspective on the discipline. Despite being so widely accepted, however, this process-focused take on project management has also revealed some real weaknesses.

In particular, researchers have determined that an excessive emphasis on process sometimes blinds project managers to the concrete realities around them. An overly procedural view of project management can deprive participants and environmental factors of the context that highlights their true significance.

Given that, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has decided that a new approach will guide the creation of the upcoming version of the PMP exam. Instead of being broken down solely into sections corresponding to stages of the project management process, the new test will emphasize related entities and influences just as much.

Coming to Terms With People, Environmental Factors, and Processes

Professionals who wish to become certified project managers will need to become comfortable with this new outlook. Instead of studying the project management process in isolation, they will be expected to explain how all of its parts relate to the concerns of stakeholders and the activities of participants.

Would-be PMP certification holders will also need to learn how environmental factors can impact every stage of project management. By doing away with the inward-looking, process-focused emphasis of the existing test in this fashion, PMI hopes to equip test-takers with even more results-enhancing knowledge and tools.