Tips for Evaluating Online Reviews

Most modern consumers know that it’s important to do some research prior to buying products these days, especially when those products cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sift through reviews and determine what they really mean. Consumers can read on to find out how to interpret third-party reviews so that they can actually help them make better purchasing decisions.

Don’t Just Check the Company’s Website

Just about every company producing products or goods has an official website and many of them offer user testimonials. These can be helpful, but consumers shouldn’t end their search for reviews at checking out the ones that the company actively chose to show them. Instead, turn to a third-party review site, as well.

Read Between the Lines

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for companies to wind up with either fantastic reviews or extremely poor reviews not because they are an actual reflection of their products or services but because it’s impossible for review sites to prevent all misuse and some reviews are fake. If a company has literally nothing but five-star reviews and not a single customer has filed a complaint it may not be as positive of an indication as some readers might think. When it comes to reading reviews, consumers need to prioritize quantity over quality and look for those that actually have helpful information.

Look at Responses

Few companies have never had a single customer complaint so it’s rare to find one that has no poor reviews. When reading Boss Lasers BBB complaints and other negative reviews, check out the company’s response as well as the complaints themselves. Companies that will go out of their way to resolve their customers’ issues are obviously more trustworthy than those that don’t seem to care what customers or clients think of their services.

Actively Participate

Want to help make third-party review sites more effective tools for other consumers? The best way for customers to do so is to leave a genuine, unbiased review of whatever company they wind up working with after they’ve received their products or services. Just make sure to be thorough and to be as honest as possible.