Types of Materials Laser Cutters Can Be Used with

Laser cutters have risen to fame over the last few decades. In the beginning, they were extremely expensive and typically only used by sizable corporations and medical facilities. Since those days, they’ve become smaller and more affordable. This means they’re practical for smaller businesses and even home-based crafters looking to broaden their horizons. While a few different types of laser machines are available, CO2 versions offer a great deal of flexibility in their own rights and can be used with numerous materials.


From aquariums and home decor to signage and jewelry, acrylics are growing more widespread by the year. They’re available in either colored or clear varieties and offer a great deal of durability and strength when compared to glass and certain plastics. Lasers are capable of cutting, etching and engraving with acrylics, offering a number of advantages over other types of tools for those who work with this material.


Once again, numerous products can be created from metal. Outdoor and indoor decor, ornaments, jewelry, household accessories and other items fall into this category. Cutting metals with traditional tools is difficult and can be dangerous, but lasers help eliminate these issues. They also offer greater precision when it comes to delicate procedures and intricate cuts.

Paper and Cardboard

Cardboard and paper may not be difficult to cut through, but they can be incredibly flimsy and frustration to work with. Creating designs inside shapes is particularly tricky with these materials, and cutting by hand doesn’t lend itself to intricate detail. Lasers offer equal versatility and precision for paper products and don’t burn or tear these materials in the process.


Cutting leather by hand takes considerable strength and patience especially where small pieces are concerned. Tooling can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process as well. Lasers have the capacity to cut and tool leather while generating extremely elaborate designs much more quickly and easily than other methods.

Lasers are much faster and more precise than many conventional means. They’re useful for a number of purposes and materials. Regardless of the type of material you’re interested in working with, they’re bound to offer a number of advantages over other options. Read through Co2 laser cutter reviews to find out which type of machine will best serve you.