Why It’s Important Not to Ignore Bing When Developing an SEO Platform

Outsourcing of search engine optimization and website traffic analysis is a common practice by business owners, since they do not have the resources and expertise within the company. Men and women with little to no experience in e-commerce practices typically have misconceptions about what makes an effective SEO platform. For instance, they tend to put all their focus on Google, even though many Internet users rely on other browsers. It’s important not to forget Bing in regard to SEO.

About Bing Users

Google gets the bulk of search traffic, but Bing particularly represents a certain demographic. Analysis has shown that Bing users tend to be older on average, and they arrive at the search engine from Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer. This provides further insight into Bing users. They’re buying computers with Windows operating systems and not bothering to change the default browser, which automatically directs to Bing as the search engine. They don’t change that either.

The conclusion is that these Web users not only are older on average, they are less computer savvy than most younger adults. They don’t care about refining their Internet experience; they use what is provided and are satisfied with that.

Consistency and Predictability

Bing doesn’t provide the largest share of results, but the audience tends to be consistent in regard to numbers and general characteristics. That can make those men and women a bit more predictable than Google users, who are truly all over the map. This rich source of possible site traffic from Bing definitely should not be ignored.

Variations in Criteria

These two search engines use somewhat different criteria in their algorithms to rank sites for searches. That explains why the results can be almost entirely different with the same search parameters. SEO analysts have learned these differences and how to create content and websites that can rank high in both search engines.

This can be an intricate process, since Google will punish sites with certain features the programmers disapprove of. For example, using too many hyperlinks in a piece of content can be harmful, and so can using the primary keyword phrases too many times.