Why Should The US Change Marijuana Laws?

In the US, marijuana is not a dangerous drug, and it is all-natural. The effects of the medications are calming and helps some patients manage their medical conditions without heavy medications. Since it is all-natural it is a preferred medication over prescriptions. A local coalition is doing its part to decriminalize the drug and make it legal everywhere.

The Full Medical Benefit of the Plant

Doctors have sung the praises of medical marijuana for decades and still today, some states refuse to legalize the plant. The medication has been proven to be a successful treatment for a multitude of medical conditions. In fact, cancer patients have experienced a reduction in tumor growth and fewer chemotherapy symptoms by using the drug.

Easier to Regulate

The government has approved the legalization of the drug in several states. In the states where it is legal, the state government has regulated the drug effectively and prevented common risks. The most common risk is DUI. However, the effects of marijuana aren’t as harsh as excessive alcohol consumption.

Overpopulated and Unnecessary Prison Sentences

The prisons throughout the US are overpopulated by non-violent offenders due to marijuana charges. The offenses didn’t involve children in most cases and didn’t include the commission of an additional crime, such as burglary or armed robbery. Prisons for profit have capitalized on the non-violent offenders and populated their prisons for capital gains. However, a new coalition is trying to overturn the convictions and set non-violent offenders free.

Improvements in the Economy

The legalization of marijuana in the US has stimulated the economy and improved local regions. Each state that has legalized the drug has seen positive changes in their economy and job growth. If the US legalized the drug, the same benefits could occur throughout the country and reduce the unemployment rate.

In the US, marijuana is a popular medication for a variety of medical conditions. It has proven effective in the treatment of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and severe depression. The chemical THC has also helped cancer patients regain their appetite and gain weight effectively. To learn more about legalizing the drug and ending prisons for profit visit Marijuana Policy Project Organization right now.